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Teach Your Kid to Read Time

PinExt Teach Your Kid to Read Time

kid clock Teach Your Kid to Read Time

The title sound weird, eh? However, the title tells all. This is a Clock provided by to teach your children learn to read the clock. Children will play interactive games while they learn how to read the clock. The cute design make children want to learn more about how to read clock. This 2 in one clock (analog and digital clock in one device) can talk the what time is it by pressing the right “toe”.

Surprisingly, this clock also have ergonomic design both for parent and children. I like the design, it’s really cute, but not too childish. This clock really good as decoration, and I bet it’s not only suit for children room. Place it in the living room or dining room, it really suits there.

teach me time clock 286x300 Teach Your Kid to Read Time

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  • Polina

    The idea of making the clock “tell” how much time is it shown on the display is great, as it is difficult for children to understand how to read the clock at once, and countless repeating is killing for most parents:)

  • itechgirl

    That is such a great idea. If my little sister still needed to learn how to tell time, I would get it for her in a heartbeat.

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  • David

    I think using this clock to teach a kid to tell time is great! It is something to keep in mind when teaching your kid to read too. For the clock is visual, interactive, and has sound. Those are three essential things I found successful in teaching my kid on how to read.

    When I first taught my children to read, I used a method of phonics, but quickly realized this worked for my eldest but not my youngest. She didn’t grasp reading. So after trial and error I began to realize she was a visual learner who needed both elements to learn to read. She only became successful in learning after the sound and visual were combined. And now she is reading at a higher grade level than her fellow students.

    I have seen a huge improvement, and suggest for anyone whose kid is struggling with reading to try using both sound and visual to help their kid overcome it too.

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