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Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget!

PinExt Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget!

usb pregnancy Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget!

Technology is make life simple. You don’t have have to check your pregnancy status to doctor because you can check it yourself by a test pack. Now have this strange but unique gadget: PTeq, the USB Digital Pregnancy Test .This gadget is more than the usual test pact: More unique, more attractive (because if you are pregnant, the display will show the cute baby face in digital format!), and more weird, because we have to stick our pee to USB. But don’t worry, your fee won’t mess up your computer, it’s just safe in back there! You can test pregnancy in your home, just like the usual ept pregnancy test.

Using this Digital Pregnancy Test Pack is quite simple: just pee on the strip then stick it on the usb slot. If positive pregnant, then the LCD will show a cute baby face in digital way. You can check out your hormonal level with the given software too. Unlike the regular test pack, this If the result is not pregnant, you can check later by using another strip (the pack have 20 strip), so this Test Pack Gadget is Reusable

After myself being fooled by ThinkGeek, I found the REAL Digital Pregancy Gadget although it doesn’t supported by USB. Check out here icon smile Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget! Don’t worry, now it’s the real one icon smile Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget!

 Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget!

PS: Too bad, this item is only Available in April Fool icon smile Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget! Gotcha!!

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  • Worlds Best Binoculars Blog

    Yeah, I think the basic equation would be this: urine + USB device = creepy. Is this supposed to be more accurate than a regular pregnancy test or is it just a gimmick?

  • Joomla guy

    This looks kindą suspecting :-)
    No one would be allowed to insert urine into my laptop :-)
    Now we don’t only have to worry about computer viruses but also for sexual transferable deceases through the internet!

  • Sheamus

    You can totally see somebody skipping the instructions, plugging it it and then dowsing their brand-new Dell with a shower of last night’s bottle-and-a-half of Chardonnay.

  • Graham Foster

    I think most of you missed the point it was an April Fool you don’t stick wee wee in your pocket let alone your PC come on now don’t tell me you fell for it.

    I guess you’d also fall for the Weight Loss Patch … Oh no hang on that was for real wasn’t it?

  • Danny

    Well, if it is a real device then I’m impressed with the price. I think you could actually save money by using this. Pregnancy test kits aren’t cheap and for some reason women keep taking the tests even when they are pretty sure they are not pregnant. I bet we spend hundreds of dollars on them with our 2 children!

  • Jeweller

    Nice gadget. But not for just married couple :) For them condoms better :) )

  • George (Coffee Lover)

    Had me fooled! Put a smiley face on the standered PT’s is marked improvement over the two pink lines. However, I guess it’s not all smiles for everyone. Maybe have a sad face model for teens.

  • cohnsey

    wow. technology is quite awesome. this thing kinda scares me but I guess if my wife was expecting, I would get one.

  • Digital LCD TV

    Brilliants might have work for Technology to get such awesome results. I have already gone through problem of not having such device.Now I don’t need more child’s as I have 2 sweet baby’s.

    Oh ! why I can’t have followed the search to see such posts ever before. But still I thank you because my friends are in search for this and I will help them Through your post.Thanks.

  • Jason


    I am looking for a Philips 7FF2FPA digital photo frame but am currently struggling to find one anywhere, or to find anywhere that has a good review. Do you know anywhere you can point me to that will provide one of these please?

    Many thanks

  • Fris Arvz

    This is cool! Now, pregnancy is test will be more accurate than the usual pregnancy test kit.

  • Chinese Pregnancy

    Interesting gadget. But I just wondering why some people get pregnant very easy, while many others have to struggle months yet still didn’t get pregnant?

    Thanks for the post…

  • jean

    nice post and good information. i can used it as screening test for my patients and for me too.. thank you

  • Katie

    I have heard of a lot of ways to find out if your are pregnant, but this is a whole another level of
    getting pregnant help that is sure to save a lot of time. Thanks for posting this.

  • Get Pregnant Guide

    That’s very interesting news. Just wondering which one is better – the traditional one or this new digital one?

  • Viv

    This Article has some good information, all tho not sure if its a joke or not



    your gadget is very good, whether it can real test the health of baby, health of child, even if it’s reasult may be good i don’t think that it may be good as the doctors.

  • Jane Edwards

    Being able to check if your pregnant at home is always a good thing. I would recommend having the final check at your

  • Alex Cruz

    Hey – good job on your site…i think these methods of testing are really great. I also heard this story of Elizabeth Delgado who could not get pregnant. She and her husband Igancio were trying to get pregnant and they finally did. You can see her story here:
    get pregnant

  • janice

    Wow this is awesome, i never thought about something like this. Alot of people are going to be happy and plus save money on those stupid test.

  • janice


    conceiving after a miscarriage

  • jazh

    What a nice device. I will use that when I will get pregnant. Where can I buy it?

  • Sally

    This is a great article, I found that some things never worked for my pregnancy. I found a really good book that shows you how to have Intercourse to get pregnant. It’s worth taking a look at :)

  • Daphne

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. Lots of women have truble conceiving and they are waiting for the day thay will find out that they are pregnant. So, to know how early can you detect pregnancy is very important. Early pregnancy is very delicate so you must take care.

  • Angela

    Like your post, very nice . I belive this is something we all must be informed about. Early pregnancy is

    important as any part of pregnancy, so we must take care. Mom to be should learn more about early signs of pregnancy 1st week
    Ā - 4th week pregnancy because if you don’t you may miss the early sings of pregnancy

    and not know you are pregnant, for weeks sometimes months.

  • Early Signs of Pregnancy

    It is very nice post for pregnancy lady,technology produced nice digital pregnancy test which can easily regular check upĀ  during theĀ  pregnancy.

  • Early Signs of Pregnancy

    It is very nice post for pregnancy lady,technology produced nice digital pregnancy test which can easily regular check upĀ  during theĀ  pregnancy.Early Signs of Pregnancy

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