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The Airboard Hover Scooter

PinExt The Airboard Hover Scooter

airboard hover scooter cutiegadget The Airboard Hover Scooter

For some people who love the adventure, they might want to try this vehicle. This is the one of a kind vehicle that you might never see something like this before. The New York Times hailed this vehicle as a miniature flying saucer with handlebars. This is surely the ultimate vehicle that anyone would love to try it and feel the sensation of riding it.

It called as the hover scooter. It provides an unprecedented experience in personal transportation, levitating inches above ground and speeding a single rider across land on a cushion of air. If you ride it, you will feel that this vehicle gently lifted you up. The gentle lift comes from an engine powered fan elevates the scooter off the ground and a stream of air exiting a vent in the back provide light forward thrust.

The Air board Hover Scooter, thatís what it called. This is the miniature of the hovercraft. The different is that this scooter only use for single person and itís a small vehicle. The tester said that this vehicle is easy to control. The rider simply leans left or right to perform smooth turns. The scooter deftly glides over level, solid ground as concrete, asphalts or well groomed grass free of debris, sand, stones and other obstacles.


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    This sounds extremely adventurous!! If it is commercialized i would love to give it a try!

  • Tips

    i love adventures sport and doing adventures think. This is really nice post. I like the stuff about which this post is. Hover scooter seems to be very adventures. Thanks for sharing this.. Good luck

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  • Build Your Own Hovercraft

    Information given about Hover Scooter is very interesting. Who love adventure sport will love this article. As it is said in the article that Hover scooter is miniature of Hovercraft, learning to build your own hovercraft is alos very interesting.

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