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The Children Safety Tracker Device

PinExt The Children Safety Tracker Device

Nu m8 track The Children Safety Tracker Device

For some people who love the gadgets, this would be the perfect kind of gadget that many gadget lovers would love to add to their collections. This is the GPS wristband. This GPS wristband is called as the Nu-m8. This is the perfect kind gadget that you may use for the kids. Just in case you need to take the kids to some outdoor trips, you would be able to use it for the kid’s safety.

Whenever you need to take the kids for outdoor trips, you would need to make sure that the kids are safe. You wouldn’t have to be worried when they play around. The best part is, even though this device looks like the watch, but actually this device is a little bit hard to be removed. And it also could give some signal to the parent’s phones when the Nu-m8 was being removed from the kids’ wrists.

The parents would be able to watch the kids’ movement and make sure that they are in the safe zone. The device would be able to remind the parents about the kids; position via e mail as well. The parents also could locate the children by using the Google maps via their cell phones. So, do you want to take the children out? Try to use this device for their safety.


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  • godaddy coupons

    I guess it’s a good idea but it needs to look more like an ordinary watch. This looks really different from a regular kid’s watch

  • Roel@canada mortgage insurance quotes

    I agree that this gadget is really can help mothers for protecting their child while playing around. Moms are like spies that they can track where their child is playing.. It is really great for mothers to track the location of their child even without following them.. Thank you for sharing this cool stuff..

  • Igor P

    Is this good for spying? I mean, It is good to know what is your kid doing?! It is funny that there are no spying queries for and spying on someones phone and without them knowing they are being tracked?! I covered that on a post similar to this on my webpage!

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