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The Cleanest Keyboard on Earth

PinExt The Cleanest Keyboard on Earth

vioguard keyboard The Cleanest Keyboard on Earth

The Cleanest Keyboard on Earth
For cleanness maniac, someone who have phobia to dust, germ or something unclean, or someone who have too high and creative imagination about the scary creature floating around us, or someone who too much learn about germ in their microbiology lesson, they can use this product for their freaking dust and germ paranoid disorder.

Clean and germ free maybe is the main concept that offered by Vioguard keyboard producer. This product have special drawer that can give the user anti-germ keyboard with the UV light inside it. The user just need to press the button and this keyboard will automatically move in to the drawer for the anti-germ treatment. And if you donít use it for few time, it will automatically doing the anti-germ treatment. And the Led will light up when its finish. This keyboard also equipped with the intact touchpad for mouse. And it wills easily the use of the mouse. And with it attached and united on the keyboard, it also cleans from the germ.

So, if you have all of that phobia and paranoid of unclean things and the germ, this keyboard is the answer for your using computer activity. But, you need to prepare some large amount of money for the keyboard for $499 to $599.


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  • Neil

    that’s one of the coolest keyboards i’ve ever seen! but 500 bucks, that’s a little steep

  • Zurich@assurance hypothecaire

    Hi, this computer key board is good. I like the concept of this key board, it is really clean and very neat, and what is great for this is it is germ free and it is very stylish too.. So I want to grab this one cause I want to use it at my work for daily purposes.. Thank you for sharing us this gadget..

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