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The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio

PinExt The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio

darth vader alarm clock The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio
From the name, The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio, we should know that this thing is the combination of Alarm Clock and radio. But, there is something more here. Especially for you that really loves the STAR WARS series.

The STAR WARS series lovers surely easily recognize this thing, even just by hearing the name. Who don�t know DARTH VADER? He is one of the characters in the STAR WARS series. So, this alarm clock that combined with radio has out formed as the DARTH VADER head. You can see the clock in the eyes part. For those who don’t really loves STAR WARS, could be a little bit scary seeing a head, a masked head near your bed, right after you open your eyes. Surely make you strait to get up, as soon as you open your eyes and see the head. Well, what about the radio?

Actually, nothing special with the radio, in other words, it’s just one ordinary functional radio, covered by the DARTH VADER mask. But, after all, for STAR WARS series lovers, this thing could be added to your collection, which off course, not just ordinary collection, but some collection that can be useful, at least to help you sleep by turning the radio on, and help you woke up on time with alarm clock, and maybe, scared you a bit.

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  • chuggin mccoffee

    I have a brother who is a huge Star Wars fans I know that this is something that he will really like :)

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  • Greg Pritchard

    I love star wars. I need to get me one of those. Thanks for the tip!

  • Alfred

    Wow. The red numbers in the eyes are actually kind of creepy. If Vader had red pupils I think he would be a very disturbing character.

  • Krait

    Being woken up by the severed head of Darth Vader in the morning is not my idea of a relaxing start to the day…

  • Nirob

    wow…Star war is always great…I really loved it

  • Light Saber Hedge Trimmer

    That Darth Vader would sure as snot get me up in the morning. The only problem is that I might not be able to get to sleep with those red eyes staring at me, keeping in step with time.

    But, wait, I can’t wake up to Darth Vader’s breathing? That’s CRAP. :-)

  • Mask fan

    Thanks for bringing this one up. Terrific gadget, been looking for something like that. If one could also remove darth vaders mask, that would be the cherry on the cake.

  • annette

    Does anyone know where I can get this Darth Vader digital alarm clock in CANADA???

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