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The First Netbook with Disc Drive

PinExt The First Netbook with Disc Drive

asus eee w300 The First Netbook with Disc Drive

Asus seems really know what is needed by the people. This big manufacturer knows that netbook is quite popular even though it is just had been released months ago. The biggest weakness of netbook is the missing disc drive which somehow is quite important feature from a computer. By having a disc drive, you do not need to copy the film from your DVD to your USB flashdrive if you want to watch it in the netbook. You may also be able to install new software which the installer comes in a CD or DVD.

The first netbook which is equipped with disc drive called Eee PC 1004DN. It is still a netbook since the specification is still in netbook class with Intel Atom processor and also the price is in the range of netbook’s price range. The specification of this special netbook is 1.66Ghz Intel Atom N280, 1GB of RAM and 120GB of storage.

You may also find 1.3MP camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. For some people, maybe, optical drive is useless, but, actually, optical drive is very important for everyone. By having the optical drive you can get so many benefits since you can read many discs for many purposes and also write them if your storage comes to its limit.


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  • Jason – from DIsc Burner

    By adding many additional devices, netbooks will become similiar or same to notebooks. Even their price, which was main reason to but them, and not notebook, will be more close to price of notebookes, so there will be almost no reasons to buy them.
    So, my opinion is that is not good idea.

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  • jason

    The only added feature this has over other netbooks is the optical drive. That alone does not justify the overinflated price. Especially considering, you can buy a full laptop for the same price.

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