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The Hand Warmer While You Are Connected

PinExt The Hand Warmer While You Are Connected

USB heated g gloves cutiegadget 300x270 The Hand Warmer While You Are Connected

Getting the newest news of what the technology can offer us is nothing than fascinating. From the biggest tools, to the gadgets, we now live easier when the creative minds serve us with plenty of products that are useful in our daily life. It even changes the meaning of certain word, for example as mentioned before. A gadget used to refer only to small useful tool. Now, it is not only useful, it is also unique and attractive.

There are many examples for gadget; now let us talk about USB G-Gloves. What are USB G-gloves? It is the gloves that can be used to warm up your hand while you are using the computer. This glove is made of wool with open end design that lets your finger to move easily. Equipped with warmer machine that is ready to raise 10 degrees in 5 minutes, this gadget also looks beautiful since it is fashionable and colorful.

Wearing this kind of gloves while accessing to a computer, Mac, PS2, or Xbox360, you will have no worry for the chilling temperature that might disrupt your work or leisure time. However, unfortunately currently it only has one size, and it fits for most women. So sad to limit the very useful product only to limited people.

Buy it Here and in Search Box type “USB HEATED G-GLOVES”


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  • Chris Palmer

    These look awesome, I’ll have to get some.

  • Blu-ray player reviews

    These are kind of silly. I really cannot see any use for them. How many people sit outside in the winter and type on their computer? I know you get paid if someone buys a pair of these but i would pass on the usb gloves.

  • Jason Hommel

    I think it would get in the way of your typing with those cords. If they’ve made it wireless, then that’s better. Also, we’re used to typing without gloves. Suddenly typing with gloves would be hard.

  • donna

    It’s obvious that none of you have ever suffered from the pain of Raynaud’s syndrome. The circulation is decreased to the extremities no matter what the temp. I think this is a GREAT idea.

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