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The Indoor Fireworks

PinExt The Indoor Fireworks

uchiagehanabi brings fireworks indoors The Indoor Fireworks

New Year’s Eve and Independence Day without firework seems boring. But sometimes it costs too much at those special days. Besides that, safety issue and rainy day can be the worst enemy of making fireworks outside. Well, you do not have to worry about the rainy day again. No matter what the weather is, you can still have fireworks indoors. Now there is the cool Uchiagehanabi firework maker that will make fireworks for you.

You might wonder who that Japanese guy is and what magic he has to do fireworks. Well, the unique Uchiagehanabi firework maker is not a guy; it is a fireworks maker gadget. This device can project the images of fireworks on the wall and the ceiling. It is not only the images of fireworks you get but also the proper sound effects including the booms and dramatic suspense.

This great Uchiagehanabi firework maker can even make the fireworks images in 1.5 meters wide. You can also choose the best fireworks for your party because there are fifty five patterns of various sizes and colors. It is possible for you to draw patterns by yourself and this device can project them. But maybe you need to hook this cool device onto your computer.



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  • ink cartrige

    yeah omg, I remember them! My big brother had them and every Christmas morning (after we’d spent all night sneaking looks at the toys in our sacks) we’d go into my parents room and all sit on the floor in a circle and watch them!! Great memories of the dangerous things we had back then!!! lol

  • Pink Laptops

    Cool, with this device it can play firework all night long. Maybe in the future, the device can project firework like the one in Lord of the Rings 1, a firework turn into a fire dragon.

  • Tattoo John

    I haven’t ever seen this before, but love the idea!! I need to find one of these for my son! He LOVES fireworks!!

  • melissa

    waaw, i love this idea, its amazing and coool

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