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The Jewel Apple Necklace USB Drive

PinExt The Jewel Apple Necklace USB Drive

apple usb drive cute The Jewel Apple Necklace USB Drive
Are you a very stylish mother? And also career lady that really concern with your own performance? In one side, you have so much to do and so much to thing. As a mother, you have to take care of your husband and kids, and as a career lady, you have to take care of the job, but in the same time, you have to look stylish. It gives you satisfaction if you can do it all. Being a good mother, a good career lady, but not forget to look beautiful.

Donít worry, being a mother is a great give, and with good career, you donít have to lock ugly just because you have too many things to think about. This gadget was created to support your career and your style at the same time: The Jewel Apple Necklace USB Drive.

Just in case, maybe you have to store a very important data, that you have to use it to the presentation in the office, BUT, as a mother, sometimes you forgot where you put your flash drive. So, this will surely help you. With the flash drive always put on you, you donít have to worry that you might forget the flash that contains some important data that have to b used in the office. The best part is, the shape is an apple necklace, the beautiful one that surely makes you look more beautiful in it. Try one? Donít have to spend much money cause it is sell only 21$ each.Source

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  • Karma-Directory submission service

    I don’t know about the working women, but it is a perfect tool for spy agencies. It will be very popular among them.

  • chuggin mccoffee

    this is such a cute gadget that I have to get up for my girlfriend because she would really love it!! and it’s useful too.

  • talia

    It’s so cute! I love sparkly accessories and this one is not just like a pretty charm, but it’s practical too. And one of the comments mentioned spies using it, I can totally see it lol! I would totally wear it as a necklace.

  • Jean Pfeiffer

    Ohhhhh….That was really CUTE! I really want that! That’s very useful and too perfect for me! I want to have one!

  • David Kendall

    Perfect gift for my wife! Aside from being fashionable it’s very useful too! I’ll buy one for her!

  • men’s fashion

    This could be a gem for a lady who is techy.

  • Kaye@canada mortgage insurance quote

    Hey I like this neck lace surely my mother will like it if I buy one of this.. She will truly will like it. She can use this in time of emergency that she will be needing a data storage she can use this cool neck lace flash drive.. Thank you for sharing this cool neck lace..

  • kikaygirl

    What a greet design it is! One of this year i will buy it for my mom’s birthday. A beautiful and expensive necklace

  • kikaygirl

    I’m sure my mom love it. What a great site it is. My friends and my colleague love this apple necklace.

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