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The Lean Mean Popcorn Machine!

PinExt The Lean Mean Popcorn Machine!

Pop Corn Machine 300x300 The Lean Mean Popcorn Machine!

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So it is true what they say…”Once you pop, the fun don’t stop”.Yup, that’s what I am talking about.Okay enough playing, lets talk business.

Okay so my job today is to give you some friendly advice and tips about Popcorn Machines.These tips may just simply be what you may need out watch out for when renting a machine,running your own rental business, or just buying your first machine.

First, I suggest as I have so many times before BUY A POPCORN MACHINE THAT IS AMERICAN!

Based on the research that I have done American machines were proven to have longer warranty’s that are easier to use.The metal used is more durable.To buy American would be my very first suggestion.

I liked brands such as
-Gold Medal

-Paragon International


These names have been around the block a time or too. Many people have enjoyed Gold Medal Machines.The research you do will harmonize with that as well.

When its all said and done though.
1.Buy the right size of machine for your needs.

2.Buy a dependable American brand with a good warranty that will hold its own.

3.Please, Pop the Top and Top your Pop!!

PS: This pop corn machine is sold at amazon for half price!
buy now The Lean Mean Popcorn Machine!

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  • Anna CNA

    Thanks for sharing a good informative post. From your post I got some idea about Popcorn Machine. Keep sharing, thanks.

  • Garret

    Many years ago, my grand parents had a corner store with a popcorn machine that broke down ALL the time. Gramps bought it from a slick salesman from Toronto and it was useless. Canadian Products are pretty good but well….not when it comes to any kitchen type gadget.

    Fun post and great memories came back just by reading this. Thanks for that :)

  • Ivango

    I use at home this gadget. We have the whole family love to watch movies and this apparatus can meet the demand for popcorn.

  • fattest man

    This is the cutest lil popcorn machine ever… will definately ask for it for my birthday


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  • tomaz vatel

    My aunt bought a machine and that led to his residence, only to eat popcorn at will.

  • Peter

    I had this one!

  • Red Cross CNA Training

    I saw Popcorn machine but read information first time in your blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Cooker Elements

    Nice article. I just want to know what is the difference between popcorn machines and normal cooking of popcorns.

  • Dephnie07

    where can i buy

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