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The ORB Half-Ring Half-Bluetooth Device

PinExt The ORB Half Ring Half Bluetooth Device

ORB half ring cutiegadget The ORB Half Ring Half Bluetooth Device

Some ladies often don’t feel too comfortable about some gadget stuff that they had to wear. For them, those gadgets give some disturbances on their performance. For example, when they need to go to a dance party on a ball room, surely they would need to wear some excellent and glamorous dresses. With the glamorous long dresses, it would be so “un-matched” if they use the regular Bluetooth headset device. Some ladies said, the glamorous elegance couldn’t be mix-matched with the futuristic modern gadget.

So, they would need the perfect Bluetooth headset device that could support their glamorous elegance style. Here is the best one for them, the ORB. This is the best Bluetooth headset device for them. This is a half ring, and a half Bluetooth headset device. You may use it as the rings and as the Bluetooth device as well. The best part is, when this device is being used as the Bluetooth headset it would look as beautiful as the ear accessories.

It comes in two versions. The Hybratech and Absolutely New, the producers have decided to release the standard model and the deluxe edition, the deluxe model is featuring the FOLED. The FOLED is the Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode) that could display the caller ID and also the calendar reminders.


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  • erwin

    Way cool! You just gave me a great gift idea for my gf=) she has been asking for a bluetooth head set that has a sleek look but never expected it to turn into a ring. Cute.

  • Deb

    Can you use this, or any other bluetooth earpiece, to listen to music and Sirius radio thru an iphone 4? I want to be able to listen to music in one ear.

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