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The Safest Portable Hard Drive

PinExt The Safest Portable Hard Drive

iosafe rugged hard drive news 266x300 The Safest Portable Hard Drive

Data safety is very important and surely you don’t want to lose your valuable work just because of a small mistake such as electric shock or your computer is stolen. To keep your data safe, you have to move all of your critical data to an external hard drive. The external hard drive keeps your data from any damage possibilities. However, common hard drive doesn’t protect the data from physical shock such as hits or drop.

You don’t need to worry about the above things, because now you can buy iosafe –rugged portable hard drive. This hard drive has good durability against any shock and drop. The 2.5 inch storage device is protected by metal shells such as aluminum or Titanium. To protect from shocks, the portable storage is using spring suspension to reduce the shocks. The portable storage models that you can choose are the usually hard drive or the solid state drive.

The portable hard drive is also made to be water resistant up to teen feet deep for 72 hours. It means you can put the external hard drive for three days and it still working normally. The hard drive is also chemical resistant, so your data is much safer there.



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  • Anonymous

    A portable hard drive is very convenient to use. It offers a great deal of freedom because you are able to bring and use it wherever you want as long as you have a compatible plugging-in source for it.

  • joe ryan

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  • Howtolooklikeamodel

    I have a LaCie Hard drive which I have been using for about 5 years with No problems. I would highly recommend Lacie . Great products from France

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