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The Unique Waterproof Walkman

PinExt The Unique Waterproof Walkman

Sony Waterproof W250 Walkman 3 cutiegadget 300x242 The Unique Waterproof Walkman

Listening to music is a very enjoyable activity. In addition to soothing, music is also entertaining. For many people, the music also gives them inspiration on working. We often listen to music while doing other activities. For example, reading, working, writing, cycling, or jogging while listening to music. Even, take a shower while listening to music.

To be able to listen to music all the time while doing all the activities, you need a walkman. There is a wide range of walkman available on the market now. They are varied on design, shape, size, features, and s on. Because it’s used to listen to music while doing the activity, you should choose a quality walkman, especially if your hobby is jogging or bathing while listening to music. For such activities, you need a waterproof walkman. Where you can get this kind of walkman? Sony has released their latest Walkman, Waterproof W250 Walkman. This walkman is waterproof, so you can take it while jogging, shower, or while on the rain. You can get it simply at

This unique gagdet supports MP3, WMA, AAC an Linear PCM formats. You can choose different colors: pink, black, green, and white. It is available in 2GB and 4GB. Hmm, so cute!



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