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The USB for Children Internet Investigator

PinExt The USB for Children Internet Investigator

usb snopp stick cutiegadget The USB for Children Internet Investigator

If the outcome of the technology always amazes you, you will surely be happy with what the gadgets are capable in offering us the new creative products. You might have heard about a machine for raking your garden, you might also have heard about clocks that only need water to make it ticking. There are also all kinds of spying gadget that can be used for good intentions.

One of the examples of the spying tool is called USB snoop stick. If it does not sound so “spyful” for you, you might want to check its function. Have you ever wondered for what intention other people use your personal computer while you are not there? The USB snoop stick helps you in monitoring your PC especially in the internet connected computer. After you put the Snoop Stick to the USB, you will be able to display the accessed web from the computer. Besides on the website, you can also look at the IM conversations, software, and email activities that had been done besides yours.

What makes it even better is in its capability to log off all users, distantly disconnect access of the internet, and even turning off the computer. It will be best for parents to investigate what their children are doing with the computer system.

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  • Nitesh

    sounds really interesting. Its bit out of my budget for a gift so I am just going to recommend this to my sis-in-law, she’s having trouble monitoring her young teenager son.

  • Atlanta Lawyer

    This is interesting. Could be very helpful for parents if they feel comfortable monitoring their child’s browsing activity. Seems a bit invasive however but I can see how using the snoop stick may be a necessary action. What is the retail price for this?

  • Jairo Foz

    Good afternoon … my friends and I love this site, very good, congratulations, always visit.

  • lewis

    Great Inst. thanx for sharing the information. I will surely going to use this.

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