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The Yotaro Baby Simulator

PinExt The Yotaro Baby Simulator

yotaro baby simulator cutiegadget The Yotaro Baby Simulator

Could you ever imagine that you would need a simulator to take care of a baby? Well, many of us might want to have a baby, especially some people who have been married for a while. Perhaps, you would need some excellent practices before you had the real baby. Actually, the parents might not need some practices, but perhaps, they needed to train the older kids to have a younger brother of sister.

So, that is why the Yotaro baby simulator was created for. Well, even though it’s a simulator, but it doesn’t mean it has the excellent perfect shape just like a real baby. In fact, the head would be too big for a normal baby. It might have the size of a giant baby that has a projector behind the face. The projector would simulate an image of face. It might be a bit freaky, right?

Well, the technology of the projector is quite sophisticated actually. It could respond to a touch such as when the skin was being touched by someone. The baby could cry to. This cry-able Yotaro Baby is produced by the University of Tsukuba, Japan. That would be something that the Yotaro baby could do. If you wanted to try it, you wouldn’t find one, because it was just a prototype in the producers. Would it be mass produced? We’ll see about it.


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  • mello yello

    This is hilarious! Very high tech to respond to touch! I may need to get this to practice! Thanks.

  • Itaquera

    It’s cool, I never had seen.

  • video

    Yes,Yotaro baby simulator will give excellent practices to parents before child birth.thanks for the invention

  • Alina Smith

    its really cool but I just wonder why they didn’t make it look more like a real baby if they were going for simulation.

  • Dacey

    It can’t be like  a real baby because it is a simulator that is man made technique it can’t grow so it would like a toy for some people.

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