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Tigatron USB Flash Drive

PinExt Tigatron USB Flash Drive

tigatron zoid flashdisk 300x245 Tigatron USB Flash Drive

The name of this USB reminds you of the most powerful robot in Transformer film. The robot is well known for its capability in winning the war against bad enemy. Thatís way this Flash Drive is named after the robot because the flash drive also has great capability in data storage. This USB

Flash Drive has a shape like one of Transformer Robots, the Trigatron. The USB shape can also change into six different shapes. It will give you little work and fun while you are boring waiting for your teacher, friends, date or guests. The shape of the USB flash drive is so nice, with the mouth opened and interesting color.

The USB robot is really amazing. It has details of a Trigatron robot but still have capability in saving data. This Flash Drive gadget brings capability of storing 2GB data. It not really a big drive but itíll enough to keep any important file, your loverís photos, and even songs.
This awesome USB flash drive will be launched on September. Just wait for few months to come. The gadget will give you $51.41 bill to your Septemberís budget. You can pre-order this gadget from Wait until your friend see this cute USB Flash Drive, they will be amazed with it.


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    But my worry is, How big is it. If its too big, it won’t be very user friendly…

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