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Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

PinExt Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

i death star star wars 300x288 Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

Are you a Starwars fans that looking for unique Star Wars Gadgets to collect? Since I started Cutie Gadget 5 years ago, I found Star Wars is a one of the series that released lots of Gadgets for their fans – from Yoda Star Wars GPS to Darth Vader Alarm clock . Maybe a bit too many that I can list top 10 Starwars Gadgets icon smile Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets Ok, here is the list of the Best Starwars Gadgets ever made and released to public:

10. Yoda USB Gadget

yoda desk protector cutiegadget Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

An unique Yoda USB Gadget goodies for your desk. This gadget equipped with motion censor, so when there is object or people come closer to him, the censor will be activated, the lightsaber will be turned on, and he will say some famous phrase from the movie, like “In the end, cowards are those who follow the Dark Side. ” or “A disturbance in the Force there is. ” A must have gadget for Jedi fans!

9. Lightsaber Umbrella

bladerunner led umbrella cutiegadget Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

For die hard Star Wars fans who wants to swing the lightsaber whenever they want, epecially in the middle of the rain icon wink Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

8. Wiimote Lightsaber

wii light saber Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

When Lightsaber attached to Wiimote, I think this the only way the best excuse to swing lightsaber as wild as you want. You can play Starwars game on Wii, or just use it with any game such us Wii Sport resort that have Sword battle game.

7. Darth Vader Desktop Buddy

darth vader buddy Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

As the most popular Star Wars character, it’s not strange to see many Darth Vader gadgets available, including this Darth Vader desktop buddy. Actually, this gadget is a talking bobble head that can be attached to your laptop screen. A nice choice for Starwars fans who need Star Wars accessory for their laptop!

6. DIY Starwars Lightsaber

diy light saber Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

So, you really love Starwars and interested to have your own Lightsaber? Then you should get this DIY lightsaber! You can choose any style you want, whether it’s from Sith or Jedi. Read my post about DIY lightsaber for more details

5. Duck Fadar (Darth Vader Rubber Duck)

duckie Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

This the funniest Star Wars Gadgets I have ever found! This is not usual rubber ducky, this is crossover between duck and Darth Vader! Moreover, this is a real gadget, because it has electronic function embedded in this rubber ducky as well – it has led lamp can be turned on when you use it in the bath tub.

4. Darth Vader Alarm Radio

darth vader alarm clock 2 Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

Another cool Darth Vader gadget. Unlike other gadget that has no real function and only served for commemorative purpose, this gadget has lots some useful funtion: Alarm, Clock and AM/FM Radio. Of course you also can use this as a stand out decoration in your home

3. Han Solo Flashdisk

han solo usb flash drive cutiegadget 300x266 Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

Even Han Solo is less popular than Darth Vader or Yoda, there is a Gadget specially made for him: An USB Flash Disk. This one is sure useful for transferring data from one computer to another. Even it priced a bit higher than usual USB, I think this gadget also a must have if you really love Star Wars

2. Star Wars TomTom GPS

star wars gps 300x238 Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

TomTom, a company who produce GPS released a special Edition GPS featuring Yoda – The master Jedi and one of the most popular character in Star Wars. If you looking for special and unique GPS, I think you should take this one.

1. R2D2 Projector and Media Player

r2 d2 robot 2 Top 10 Most Unique Starwars Gadgets

This is the most expensive Star Wars Gadget I have ever found, and probably the most unique and useful. Priced at about USD 2000, this gadget is a projector, media player (SD Card, iPod etc) and a 1:1 R2D2 figure. If you have sums of money to spare on StarWars gadgets, I suggest you to preorder this limited Starwars Gadget.


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  • buy a star

    Wow these star wars collection are so unique especially the R2D2 Projector and Media Player so amazing. This is a must buy gadgets especially for all the boys out there who are star wars fans.

  • Amber

    I have a best friend that is absolutely in love with Star Wars memorabilia. The geek-inspired office flair is definitely a specific business niche!

    I think she and her office mates would like the little Darth Vader Desktop companion – I thought about the Yoda USB, but I’m not sure that it’s appropriate for a quiet business workplace!

  • Nikiforos

    I like a lot the Darth Vader alarm radio!

  • adamou@ free apps for iphone

    Lightsaber Umbrella is my gadget perefer of starswars. thank you for this post great

  • adamou@ free apps for iphone

    I also found this cool gadget

  • tfs loans

    They are great and really good gadgets to give my daughter.

  • Giles Dawe

    Really cool set of Star Wars gadgets

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