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Top 3 Internet Radio Station Apps for Smartphones

PinExt Top 3 Internet Radio Station Apps for Smartphones

There are a wide variety of free and paid options out there when it comes to listening to music and radio stations on your smart phone. Some offer a great selection, but do not provide the best quality of streaming. Others are able to stream music well over high speed internet, cellular and wireless networks but are not user friendly or do not provide a great deal of options and personalization. The following three apps are some of the best-rounded and provide the best services when it comes to internet radio on your smart phone.

last fm Top 3 Internet Radio Station Apps for Smartphones

(Courtesy of Flickr User: eng1ne)

This app is one that relies heavily on the user to modify and personalize the selections. By uploading your listening history or ‘scrobbling’, you are able to have a more individualized listening experience. Scrobbling is when you tell what songs you are listening to or what is in your media player library to further personalize the radio.

The app is free to download for Android or the iPhone and includes the ability to play 50 free tracks with no charge. To continuing to use the program, there is a monthly fee of $3. The free and paid options provide unlimited skips without the addition of ads.

When you sign up for an account, the songs that you listen to on the app get automatically added into your history. In some cases, there are lag problems with the syncing of information between the iPhone app and the information that shows up on the website.


pandora radio 300x300 Top 3 Internet Radio Station Apps for Smartphones

(Courtesy of Flickr User: SqueegyX)

The main driving force behind the personalized music on Pandora is the Music Genome Project. This was an in depth analysis of music and music styles that is able to group similar sounds and songs together. When you pick a particular song, the app will recommend other similar music based on the extensive data from this project.

Pandora has a nice feature where a Quick Mix can be created. From here, you are able to like and dislike certain songs, email the station information and buy tracks on iTunes.

One downfall of the Pandora app would be that there is no recommended music that automatically populates like what is found on A basic ad-supported subscription is free and the apps are also free to download. To remove the ads, the Pandora One subscription will cost $36 per year. Also, the large popup ads are quite bothersome and interrupting if you are looking at artist information when the ad is displayed on the smart phone.


slackers radio 200x300 Top 3 Internet Radio Station Apps for Smartphones

(Courtesy of Flickr User: ABC News Radio)

Like others, Slacker has a diverse library of artists and songs and the ability to listen to music online as well. Custom stations can be created and you have the ability to see information on the artist and the particular album. Slacker is free to listen to and the app is free as well through the addition of ads. To remove this, you can subscribe to a premium membership that will cost $3.99 per month. In addition to the removal of ads and banners, you get unlimited song skipping, complete lyrics to all songs and the ability to cache stations and play them when you are away from the high speed internet connection.

For Verizon users of the Android phone, it is easy to navigate to the app. It is found in the Verizon channel of the Android Market.

On both the iPhone and the Android phone, the startup time of the app is considerably long. It will usually take 20-30 seconds if not more to get to the main menu screen. Once you are in the app, there is little lag time but the initial startup may prove frustrating for some people. Compared to the other apps, Slacker seems to have the nicest interface and is the easiest to use. Others take some getting used to.

Regardless of which app you download, it is a good idea to try out the free features for a while before committing to any monthly subscription fees. Try it out in various coverage areas so you know what it will be like when you are not in an area with high speed internet. Then you will be able to easily choose one of these three great apps as your personal favorite.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find high speed internet providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your wireless internet necessities.


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