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Top 3 The Most Unique iPhone 4S Cases

PinExt Top 3 The Most Unique iPhone 4S Cases

If you have iPhone, it is recommended that you buy iPhone 4S cases for it. The case is not only protect your iPhone from scratch, hits, and shock but also it can make your iPhone more beautiful to see. There are many iPhone 4S case that you can buy from the market but you need to look these top 3 the most unique iPhone 4S cases.


Dokkiri hand case for iPhone

Case for iPhone 4S 150x150 Top 3 The Most Unique iPhone 4S Cases

The case is very unique because it has a shape of a hand and the iPhone seems to be attached on the back of the hand. To use the iPhone, you need to hold the hand with your palm like you are shaking hands with your friend. The case is unique and it is $65.00.

Buy it from Strapya


Retro Game Controller iPhone 4S case

Retro Game Controller iPhone 4S case 150x150 Top 3 The Most Unique iPhone 4S Cases

This type of Weird iPhone 4S Cases are having motifs like your remote control in the past. If you use the case for your iPhone, your friends will though that you bring your grandfather’s remote control.

Buy it from Perpetualkid for $11.99


Pay phone iPhone Cover

Pay phone iPhone Cover 150x150 Top 3 The Most Unique iPhone 4S Cases

The last list of Unique iPhone 4S Cases is the pay phone iPhone cover.  This type of iPhone cover will make your iPhone like a pay phone in the past.

Buy it from Perpetualkid for $8.99


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  • Offshore Software Development

    I like Retro Game Controller Case with iphone 4S. It is handy and looks impressive.

  • Ekevinwilson

    it is a nice & executive phone with latest features.

  • Doris

    The Dokkiri Hands… “hands” down. It’s the weirdest iPhone case I’ve ever seen.

  • Groupon Clone

    I just got a new iPhone 4S last night. SURPRISE!!!! My wife just decided to pick it up which was totally unexpected (loves when she does that). Anyway. The case she got reminds me of one of those “tough” notebook computer for some one on the go which is what I need. Rugged…Unbreakable…

  • Maine DJ

    Some great iphone cases. It’s hard to find a good case that will take the abuse commonly dished out to these phones. Finding a good protective case that’s also unque and really cool is altogether even better. Thank you

  • eCommerce

    The retro game controller case is awesome!

  • Cake Decorating Supplies

    Pay phone case looks to me like it offers a great amount of protection. Plus it is really cool. Right?

  • accounts receivable funding

    I find Dokkiri hand case for iPhone more unique than the two. I have to agree this iPhone case is kind of a weird design. I think others might freak out if they see this Dokkiri. 

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