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Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

PinExt Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

Domo Kun is a famous monster character from Japan. The character is so special and many people make its models. There are many Domo Kun models but I will present you the top 5 domo Kun products.

1. Domo Kun Wallet

Domo Kun Wallet Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

The first Domo Kun product is Domo Kun Wallet. The wallet design is great and it is made of Vinyl with glossy effect the Domo kun wallet is available in cute, sweet, and fun design. It is good for your collection or as a gift.

2. Domo Kun iPhone Case

Domo Kun iPhone Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

The second Domo Kun product is the Domo Kun iPhone Case. As you know, iPhone is the famous gadget in the world and it is expensive. Therefore, Domo Kun iPhone case is the most suitable for your Phone. The unique design of the Domo Kun iPhone case will match to your iPhone. The Domo Kun character is printed well on the case.

3. Black Domo Kun Plush Doll

fuzzy ninja black domo cutiegadget Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

The third Domo Kun product is the Black Domo Kun Plush doll. It is a great Domo Kun doll that similar to ninja character. According to my opinion, the doll is unique and it is very suitable for children. The sharp teeth and the shape of the mouth make the doll famous.

4. Domo USB Flash Disk

domo flashdisk Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

Another Domo Kun Product is Domo USB Flash Disk. The flash disk has design like this cute monster with big teeth and mouth. The flash disk is so cute but it is also limited. The Domo Kun Gadget is only produced 3000 pieces. Be hurry to buy it now.

5. Cute Domo Kun Hat

domokun plush hat Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies

Domo Kun Hat is the next domo product that you can buy. It is a brown plush cap with big red mouth. It is made of 100% polyester that gives warmth to the user. It is only $19.99.



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