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Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

PinExt Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

I have promise before to post Simpsons Gadgets before the Simpsons fever are cooling down. After a little searching, I found redsave are selling lots of Simpsons Gadgets marchandise and they fit my Blog: Cute, useful, and Funny Simspons Gadgets Marchandise. So here we are the list of Top 5 Simpsons Gagdets Marchandise!

5. Homer Talking Bottle opener

400 simpsons opener Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

This Gadget simply will give a conversation between Homer and Marge. Simply good if love beer like Homer does!

  • Homer “No beer make Homer something something…”
  • Marge “Go crazy?”
  • Homer “Don’t mind if I do
  • 4. Homer Talking DoorBell

    homer doorbell Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

    Simply Fancy for your home!

    The Sounds:

  • “Someones at the door, maybe this time you can sell them some magazines.”
  • “Ding dong! That’s right I called you a ding dong”
  • “There’s somebody at the door with free pizza! Hey a guy can hope can’t he.”
  • “Answer the door and put on some pants and make me a sandwich.”
  • “Oooh a visitor or maybe it’s that door to door strangler.”

    3. Funny Simpson Cuckoo Wall Clock

    simpson clock Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

    Throw away the Usual cuckoo wall clock and the Bird. Now it’s Homer’s turn to Pop out!


    2. Simpsons Mr Burns WebCam

    Simpson webcam Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

    Sorry For Repost, but this Webcam also one Of the Best Simpsons Gadgets ever made. You won’t lonely anymore because now you have a friend id your desktop and to chat with icon smile Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise


    1. Simpsons HomerSapien Robot

    homersapien Top 5 Simpsons Gadgets Marchandise

    Yes, this is the Ultimate Simpsons Gadgets ever Made. Now the Famous Robosapien has been made into the Simpsons series, after successed with SpiderSapien, the famous Robosapien based on Spiderman Body.

    Look at the great feature of HomerSapien from redsave

    “Homey has fully functioning arms with two types of grippers and he can walk and turn around really fast.

    The Homerbot comes equipped with a miniature Krusty Burger cup that he can pick up, throw or even kick like a football.

    He can even talk! Watch as Homer Sapien utters ‘Doh!’ and other famous Homerisms taken directly from episodes of the successful TV show.

    The Simpsons HomerSapien can also snore, belch,and fart just like the real Homer J. Simpson! You have to hear it to believe it!

    The HomerSapien Robot’s exceptional features include more than 60 pre-programmed functions, including stretching, sweeping, dancing the ‘Homer Hustle’, and even a few Kung Fu moves.

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    • Bottle Opener

      That Mr. Burns web camera has to be the coolest gadget I have seen in along time. Thanks for the post

    • Best show

      I’m 26 and still love the simpsons. It’s nice to see others posting about them as then I don’t feel so bad about wanting to watch them any time I can.

    • South Park

      Love the mr burns webcam might have to get myself one of those! classic haha

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