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Nokia released their first modern mobile phone in 1992 and over the last 19 years they have established themselves as the world’s premier manufacturer of mobile phone technology. The Finnish company have been at the top of the pile for a long time now and their dominance is due to a consistent production of brilliant and easy to use mobiles.

Nokia perfected their own brand of user friendly mobile years ago now and if you ask anyone who has owned several mobile phones over the last decade or so, the chances are that they have owned a Nokia handset. There are so many phones to choose from when picking out the best or most influential Nokia phones but there are several that stand out for their trend setting nature and their place in mobile phone legend. Here are some of the very best…

Nokia 1011

nokia 1011 Top Nokia phones

This is where it all began. This phone was the first GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone ever to be mass produced. The 10110 could hold 99 numbers on it’s in phone memory (a huge number at the time!) and is so old that it did not even have Nokia’s famous ringtone on it! Still a landmark phone though, and is considered to be the Father of the modern mobile.

Nokia 3210

nokia3210 225x300 Top Nokia phones

It seemed as if, for a time in the early noughites, everyone had one of these phones. Boasting an internal antennae and the world famous snake game built in, this phone was the standard bearer for Nokias, and mobile in general, for many years. Another great feature was that you could buy new covers for the phone and attach them to your handset, introducing us to customisation for the first time. A true giant of mobile phone history.

Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 4a444d9d76367 258x300 Top Nokia phones

This is an extremely simple phone when compared to its rivals today but that is exactly what many people want and the 1100 will never let you down. This is the biggest selling mobile phone in history and you can’t expect much better than that.

Nokia N8

Foto Nokia N8 300x261 Top Nokia phones

This is Nokia’s first real success in the smartphone market, an area where it seemed they may get left behind. The N8 has some great features including possibly the best camera on any phone out there. The future of Nokia mobile phones? Why not check it out for yourself at Phones 4u and read the latest review.

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