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Transformer Insignia Flash Disk

PinExt Transformer Insignia Flash Disk

Transformer Insignia Flash Disk Transformer Insignia Flash Disk

For movie lover, they must know the magnificent effect that used in Transformer movie. But, if you are really a Transformer lover, you must not only amazed by the special effect in its movie. But also, you might love the symbols that you can find on this movie. One of them is the symbol of Autobots. For Transformer lover, they want to have this symbol on any stuff that they have. Fortunately for those Transformer lovers who need flash disk with Autobots symbol. There’s Transformer Insignia Flash Disk for them.

Transformer Insignia Flash Disk Design

Transformer Insignia Flash Disk has nice and unique design, unlike other Transformer flash disk. First, this gadget is made of strong material and with metal paint, it looks more durable. It can even be used for bottle opener. So, the durability of this flash drive isn’t questionable. There’s also secret part of this flash drive you might surprised when you get it for the first time. When you flip the Autobots symbol, there will be other symbol that represents one of robots in Autobots. To make it cooler, the designer of this flash drive adds blue LED light on it. So, when you plug it into your laptop or PC, it will shine blue. For the capacity of data storage in it, Transformer Insignia Flash Disk is available in 4 and 8 GB.

Transformer Insignia Flash Disk Unique Things

There’s also a TF3 word on this Transformer Insignia Flash Disk. It might represent the Transformer 3 movie. If that so, isn’t it little bit too late for its launching? But, whatever, this is still one of unique flash drive that all Transformer lovers can have. Beside Autobots, for Transformer lover who love villain character on this movie, there’s also Decepticon Transformer Insignia Flash Disk. This flash drive is available at $33, that’s quite cheap for unique, cool and beautiful Transformer Insignia Flash Disk.



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  • sumaila@ linux on ps3

    this very useful article, I like to walk around with my flash drive as an external hard drive.

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