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Travel in Europe by Car, Why Not??

PinExt Travel in Europe by Car, Why Not??

London Travel in Europe by Car, Why Not??

With car, we can travel through many Europe countries. We only need to take a flight to Europe, rent a car and feel the joy of travelling. When you spot a good place to eat, just stop by and enjoy the food. If you find the good souvenir shop, just park your car in front of the shop then leave it when you done. Travelling with car is really easy, cheap and fun!!
The only problem is the hotels in Europe is expensive. But do you know that Europe countries also have good and cheap hotels? You have to search for it. I suggest you search it here, if you want to know where cheap hotels in London. Don’t forget to travel to the most romantic city in the world, Paris andget intoEiffel Tower and have a romantic gala dinner.(here’s the info about hotels in Paris).

There are also info about hotels in Berlin and hotels in Barcelona. German is historical country (Remember about Berlin Wall?), and in barcelona we can… Shop a lot!! Remember,Barcelona . A friend of mine visitted Barcelona and they give me a lot of fashionable clothes and she bought in acheap price!


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  • Harta europei

    Defenetly by car is the way to go.

  • ianbali

    Yes, same like in Bali Island, you can trip to all of beautiful place with car or by bicycle.

    Nice blog design i love it :)

  • Yeanny

    of course why not..
    A car makes our travelling becomes full of adventures. Especially when we are in honeymoon. I have doing this in my honeymoon in bali indonesia. Using rental car, we experienced so much fun and adventure and also more romantic :)

  • PA Car Club Guy

    Admittedly it would be nice to have a car in Europe to get you from one place to another more quickly, but how is the parking?

  • Tyres

    Its great fun going around Europe in a car with friends. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    Yea, I’m wondering the same thing. In Japan, parking was horrible! I would love to just drive all around Europe. Sounds like a blast, except I hope I don’t get lost. When I think of driving through Europe, I think of Smart cars going through little streets. I’m sure there are pros and cons. backpacking europe

  • Zdravko

    you can try youth hotels in Europe also try train traveling

  • James Whitby

    There is good parking information and directions on our site – highly recommended

  • Warren

    Its great fun going around Europe in a car with friends. You can also Take the Ferry to Paris! Thanks!

  • Barcelona Apartments

    Its really a great fun going around Europe in a car with friends or family

  • Taxi Kiosk Advertising Systems

    its really fantastic to go on that place by car …

  • California

    I’ve always wanted to visit Europe.

  • sophie

    Europe is known for its good food and wonderful views. Wish to be able to visit the place someday.
    Cape Town

  • car rental bali

    wauu really nice share thank the information and i will bookmark

  • Student Vacations

    Actually, it is really a good idea. Traveling by car is always helpful, we can stop anywhere we want, so that we can enjoy sightseeing more..So try it..You will really a enjoy a lot..:)

  • all inclusive holidays

    I have spoken to my tita last night and we are chatting about how to travel to different countries in Europe. I was amazed when she told me they are traveling to different countries in Europe by using car. In our place you need to spent a lot of money and use airplanes to get to another countries. it’s really not easy to abroad from here.

  • Phuket villa

     Yes, i am completely agree with you..

  • book hotel ireland

    Best country to do this is southern Ireland! What an amazing place. We stayed at luxury hotel accomodation, the New Grange Hotel! Would reccomend it to everyone.

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