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UCube Digital USB Speakers

PinExt UCube Digital USB Speakers

UCube Digital USB Speakers UCube Digital USB Speakers

When we talk about laptop, we talk about a gadget that has lot of useful and valuable function. From helping us to finish our job to playing game, laptop can do them all. But, if it’s about music, laptop would be the worst product that ever created. Yes, the speaker isn’t as good as music player. Then, I found this UCube Digital USB Speakers.

UCube Digital USB Speakers Feature

Apparently, UCube Digital USB Speakers was specially made for laptop. Why can I say that? First, it uses USB connection. That’s suitable for laptop that doesn’t have sound card port like what you can find on desktop PC. Just plug this gadget into your laptop, and your laptop will have beautiful quality of sound, that makes it become your best friend for listening to the music or playing game. Because it uses USB port, UCube Digital USB Speakers also doesn’t need too much energy. That means you can save more energy, maybe your laptop battery that run out because of this gadget. But, if you use it with charge, you won’t have that problem. This gadget also has BMR (Balance Mode Radiator) feature that can produce sound with full frequency, so, it will feel good when you listening to it.

UCube Digital USB Speakers Design

It’s only 3.25 inches big. That’s very small and makes UCube Digital USB Speakers become the most portable speaker for laptop. The cube shape of the speaker and nice curve of the base also make this gadget looks cool. Fit with all coolest gadgets on my desk.

Some of Minus Point of UCube Digital USB Speakers

However, the silver color that it has is little bit off with the coolness of the design. Plus, the $149.99 for UCube Digital USB Speakers is too expensive. But, that wouldn’t be a problem, because, we also get lot of interesting and useful feature from this gadget. Overall, UCube Digital USB Speakers is still one of coolest speaker for laptop.

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  • Adam

    I wish the uCube came with different colors other than black. Will definitely be using this for my laptop as I use it for watching movies and listening to music. It irritates me most of the time to plug my headphones/earphones in if I want to do both.

  • Eric R

    These speakers aren’t bad. They have decent sound for the size of them.

  • burn .vob to dvd

    As an added bonus, these speakers are detachable from the heavy aluminum stands, so they are even more versatile.

  • GSA-T20N

    I just need a UCube Digital USB Speakers seems this one is great..thanks  ,,I will have a look ….

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