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Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives

PinExt Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives

Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives

It’s so long; wait for our data copied into our flash disk. Oh, it’s still 6 minutes until it’s finished. Few minutes past and we look at the copying process status, and what we have found here? It keeps on 6 minutes time left until it’s finished. That’s ridiculous. I just copy a full length of HD movie and that take that long time. Fortunately, I found this Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives.

Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives Feature

Like the gadget’s name, Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives, it has ridiculously fast performance for small and cool USB flash drive that looks like ordinary flash drive that you can find on the market. This Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives has 720 MB/s read speed and 128 Mb/s writing speed. That’s fast. You can copy full length of HD movie into this small flash drive in just 30 second. No need to wait and annoyed because the status screen keep showing 6 minutes left. This gadget is specially made for USB 3.0 port. But, it also can be used on USB 2.0. So, it will work on my old laptop. But, you can only enjoy the full speed that this USB flash drive has on USB 3.0. However, it’s still quite fast on USB 2.0. The capacity is as great as its performance and speed. It’s available up to 32 GB capacity. You can store more than 10 full length HD movies inside this little tough guy.

Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives Design

When we look at its performance, it’s definitely cool USB flash drive. How about its design? The design is actually simpler and like most of USB flash drive product. But the blue color of the inside part of Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives make it looks interesting. Plus, there’s slide cover that you can use to hide the USB plug. It’s available at $19.99 to $119.99. Overall, this 2.65 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches Ultrafast USB 3.0 Thumbdrives is one of best USB flash drive.

Buy it from ThinGeek for $17.99 – $119.99


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  • Aaron

    hi its seems like you have done a hard work on it. I have got lots of information from your post. Really appreciate your work.!! It was describe very nicely keep us doing good work..

  • David Okop

    do you know whats the real transfer speed on this drive? or how fast it transfers for you? i’ve got a 16gb usb3 flashdrive (other brand) that was suposed to go over 100mb/s on writting and it barelly gets over 20mb/s, wonder if mine is defective or if I got a bad brand :X

  • Andrew

    Wow!This is really great. I’m bored with waiting when use usb 2.0. With this  gadget i can enjoy copying HD movie in just 30 seconds.

  • James

    This is good for old laptops (mine too). But does anyone test the speed yet?

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