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Unique Lego Flash Disk

PinExt Unique Lego Flash Disk

flashdisk lego usb 300x216 Unique Lego Flash Disk

With many gadget products available in the market with their development, you can now get a little bit different style with the unique products that can reflect your different taste and preference. You can find unique products easily in many online stores that provide geeky devices that you have never seen before.

Take a look at the product of unique USB memory that now is available at online stores. It is a cute and funny USB flash disk with the design of building block shape. With the cheerful colors that the products have, you surely want to grab one. This cute device has quite great features such as the 1GB capacity along with the physical size and price. With this stuff now you can storage you data and files as well as getting fancy style. You can also get unique stuffs such as Lego USB flash disk.

If unique USB flash drives not enough to astonish you, There are still many more unique products you will like that not only great as electronic device but also will be great as gift for your best friend. Start your shop now and grab your cute USB flashdisk along with the other toys, unique jewelry, and many more.

Buy Here for $29.99
To get the item, type “BUILDING BLOCK USB FLASH DRIVE” in search box

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  • Social Security Apply

    I like the gimick, but I would give it 1 week before the USB drive was mixed in with my nephew’s toys, and 6 months before a 3 year old swallows one. I want to find a watch that’s a USB drive.

    Thanks for the cool site,

  • Jill Hin

    Cool!! Thanks for the post. They are really small and very easy to carry. $29 value?? I think it’s worth it. right friends?

  • Bundle Wii

    The lego flash drives look awesome! Good novelty christmas pressie :)

  • Ford trucks

    Nice and amazing pan drives. I have lot but i want same shape and same size with 2GB memory.

  • Krait

    These things look pretty nice, but you do seem to be paying a premium for that design, $30 for a 1 GB drive is a bit expensive, although I suppose if people like the design they will pay for it, after people by Apple computers.

  • cohnsey

    I wouldnt buy that. sorry

  • Rebecca

    These are so cool! Thanks for posting about them. I’ve been looking for a flash drive. Going to check these out.

  • Ron Bern – The Lego Guy

    I’m astonished already.

    This memory configured using the Lego design is charming in the extreme.

    I will have my acquaintances take a look at this blog.

    Hopefully I can do this blogger some good.

  • Ngoc Maulding

    Thanks you for this awesome tip. I’m going to try out it for myself and I believe that it will work well for me as well. I really like premium templates for WP as WordPress is the professional blogging platform out there.

  • allides

    what is that is there a gold inside that flash drive?

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