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Unique Valentine Gift for Man

PinExt Unique Valentine Gift for Man

led heart Unique Valentine Gift for Man

Sometimes, you are confused on choosing a present for your beloved person in a Valentine day. It is happened when a girl wants to give a present for her boyfriend, or a child want to give a present for his father. They want to give a unique Valentine gift to surprise their beloved person. If it could, they want to make their own gift instead of buy in the stores.

The LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit, one of the geek toys, can be a great selection on Valentine day. It is a made-by-yourself present which contains a circuit board, diodes and resistors. This gift is good for developing the creativity. They can bind all of the components together to make a lovely electronic gizmo. All that they have to do is reading the manual book which explain the how-to-make the gift completely. This gift will be an unusual valentine gift they’ve ever given.

However, it needs a skill on soldering which not every woman can do that. Besides, they need to prepare the solder and battery as a source by themselves. Every special gift needs a special challenge. This geek toy can be a great valentine gift for men. And the point, it is made-by-yourself that makes this gift becomes more special to be given to the soul mate.

Buy it Here and in Search Box type “LED FLASHING SWEETHEART KIT”


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  • Avelina

    lolzz very sweet gift to express your emotions but what if some gets shock from it lolzz..

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  • Irvine Homes

    This is a really cool gift. If you can solder this then any guy would be impressed. Its a guy thing.

  • Anthony Bourdain

    What a great idea!! I think that I will be making a investment real soon. It is a unique gift that will last a long time and be remembered even longer. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

  • Dara

    Looks like such a cool and unique idea! If I am understanding correctly though, wouldn’t this be a great gift for a woman? If the *giver* is the one assembling the gift, sexist mentality would say that the man would be better off soldering and assembling, since as you said, “not every woman can do that.”…thoughts?

  • Matt J

    Thats pretty cool…I want one!

  • John Weller – WES51

    I’m a massive electronics nerd and would just love it if I received a gift like that for valentines day – so original!

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