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When typing to long in front of computer or laptop, you will be very tired and imagining someone massaging you is your best wish. Now, your imagination can be real. You will be massaged while you are working on your computer. You only need to have uPixie USB Massager. The USB massager is actually worked on EMS technology. EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation is a way to stimulate the muscle by sending electric signal thorough cables to the muscle. The uPixie USB Massager is a new technology and it gives you a lot of advantages. To know the use of uPixie USB Massager, you should follow the explanation below.

The Description of uPixie USB Massager

As explained above, this device is actually an acupuncture device. The uPixie USB Massager sends electric pulse to the acupuncture points and stimulate the muscle. The effect of the electric pulse sent to the muscle will be much like a massager. You will feel like being massaged by someone expert in massaging technique while using this uPixie USB Massager. The uPixie USB Massager is programmable USB massager and you can choose the massaging program that suits you best. The electric pulse sent to your muscles can be controlled. If you want it bigger or more intense, you can slide the volume on the monitor.

The Use of uPixie USB Massager

There are many advantages of uPixie USB Massager that you can get. If you type too much on your computer you can use the uPixie USB Massager to reduce the stiff neck and tense shoulder. You only need put the pads to the aching part and connect to your computer using the USB ports. Run the program and you will feel very comfortable. Other usages of the uPixie USB Massager are to reduce the lower back ache, tense upper back, headache and insomnia. It can also be used for toning and firming thigh. With all of the uPixie USB Massager advantages, a $99 price tag will not too expensive for you.



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