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USB Digital Microscope

PinExt USB Digital Microscope

usb microscope 2 USB Digital Microscope

If *almost* all of the gadget that reviews here can be categories as toys gadget, the gadget I review here is the serious one. It’s the USB Digital Microscope that make you can get the high quality image from a substance and get it zoomed in your PC monitor with the USB connection.

Just look at the pic below, the money image can be zoomed and displayed in your computer. It’s not the maximal zoom,you can zoom more and get the micro result. You can even identify if the money is fraud or not. This Cool USB Gadget is really useful for jewelry maker, fraud checker,forensics, medical employee, and the scientist. No wonder the price is quite high for $199.

usb microscope USB Digital Microscope

Product Page
 USB Digital Microscope

Note: This USB Gadgets is similiar to Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye (about $40), however this USB Microscope is not toy. It’s a serious gadget for adults, not for kids.

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  • Dragonfire

    That is so cool! I remember when I was younger (which was only 10 years ago) I had a microscope that I would examine everything with, but this microscope is even better!

    I guess the next TV show will be CSI:Your House. :P

  • Ohyeaa30

    THis is really a great gadget. We had something similar that my aunt who had bad vision hooked to the tv and used it to read pill bottles, directions, and things like that.

  • gcpr

    wOw .. now that’s a cool gadget ..
    maybe you can add to the description on how much it can zoom (like 500x optical zoom or something), just like digital camera’s ..

  • Kevin | Form Filling Programs

    That is crazy. I haven’t seen this before. I am just a little concerned that this could be use for the wrong purposes. i.e. counter fitters

  • Susan

    Cool, cool stuff. My daughter has a science brain an would love this. Amazing where technolory has gone this last few years!

  • Blue Chris Brown

    WOW, i always love microscopes. and this one really rocksss.

    till what level of zoomin it can get?

  • Reagan Browning

    Chris I pray that every thing go Gods way and you do not serve any time for this. I pray that you help others

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