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USB Mini Fridge to Always Get the Cool Soda Next To You

PinExt USB Mini Fridge to Always Get the Cool Soda Next To You

usb mini fridge 300x270 USB Mini Fridge to Always Get the Cool Soda Next To You

It is really irritating to walk to the fridge just to get a cool beverage while we are at the computer. It will break the concentration off. But now there is a cool way to cool up our drink while we are working with the computer. We can keep our drink inside the USB Mini Fridge which is plugged into our computer USB port.

This USB Mini Fridge can chill the soda to 45 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no additional power needed. All we have to do is just plug this cool device into the USB port. Just seconds after that, the cold plate will be on duty in chilling up our soda. No more walk to the fridge to take another cool soda.

This USB Mini Fridge looks cool beside your computer on any desk. It has 7.5” tall x 3.5” wide x 3.5” deep. This size is very suitable to keep your favorite soda stay in cool while you work. The more fantastic is this gadget also works on Play Station USB port. This is actually works on any device with USB port such as PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and even cable boxes. With this device plugged into your device, you can always have a cool soda next to you.

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  • Laser John

    What a great idea! The office where I work doesn’t even have a fridge with room for a soda, so this is perfect for my desk! Its colorful and not an eyesore! I love the idea!

  • Ivan

    Yes, I like it!

  • James

    Nice gadget!! I want it! :D

  • Seb

    Those USB micro fridges are great. I have a black one which I keep on my desk. Smetimes I forget I’ve got a soda on the go. With my little fridge it doesn’t matter because it stays cold, if a little flat.

  • Sam

    Now this is cool! I may have to order one of these to be placed next to my desk at work, for when I need that cola pick-me-up!

  • mutuel

    Very useful site. Great post, finally a decent website with
    good information in it.


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