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USB Plant Growing

PinExt USB Plant Growing

usb plant computer USB Plant Growing

If you love growing plant so much and love to see something green in your desk, you may interested with this USB Powered Mini Green House or let’s just say this is an USB Plant Growing, because the main function of this Eco Gadget is to grow plant! With computer, laptop or any USB source power, you can grow the plant with its adjustable growth light, perfect to conditioning the right enviroment.

As this gadget is made for the Tech Savvy who love environment, you watch the growth rate, calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings from your laptop or monitor. Really nice for present for people who really love plant. Oh yeah, this is not an automatic Home plant like AeroGrow Aerogarden, so don’t forget to water your plant,ok icon smile USB Plant Growing Take care of your plant or they will die because of your fault!

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  • Chan Sui

    Nice blog, great Gadget !

  • alice

    This is a very funny idea. Its a nice flower for pc freaks ^^

  • Enache

    I really think people should go out more and experience nature in the middle of nature… Now lets do gardening next to the computer, whatever it taes not to get up from the chair :D

  • South Lake Tahoe Hotels

    Cute concept, but that can’t be healthy for the plant. Come on, put that plant outside where it belongs ;)

  • Bina

    My god-love that thing!!
    Its my birthday in 7 days… This would be really a nice present for me- I should show it my sister! :-)

  • Paul

    very very nice…i love your blog because there are so many funny nice things you post ;-)

    i think this flower is perfect for computer freaks who dont see some flowers because they are in front of their computer the whole day ;-)

  • Riane

    I love USB most, this one is definitely yes…cute ;)

  • Maya Tutorials

    I sure hope people unplug it to water their plants so they don’t spill water on their computers. Pretty cool invention, computer geeks need plants in their lives.

  • Travel Blog

    Superb, I really liked this cute eco-friendly gadget. Need to get one soon.

  • USB Data Cables

    This is awesome. Does the plant need to be connected all the time to the computer? Also do you get a pot full of soil with some seeds or do you actually get the plants?

  • cohnsey

    Very cool product. USB ports are unstoppable!

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  • Doğal Hayat

    Thanks, beautiful article.

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