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Vertical Mouse from Evoluent

PinExt Vertical Mouse from Evoluent

mouse unique Vertical Mouse from Evoluent

Working from home with your lovely OC or laptop is very thrilling. You can get enjoy in doing any kinds of your tasks from your own place. Therefore, you can finish your tasks faster and easier. You can use several kinds of computer accessories to support your working using your PC. One kind of those accessories is mouse. By using it, you can easily move your cursor and easier in operating your PC. You may use one kind o unique mouse that can give new experience for PC working.

That is Evoluent vertical mouse. This mouse is very different with other kinds of mouse. This is designed with common deign, but with vertical design. Hence, you can get new feeling in your hand when you work using your PC. This is designed with 2 kinds of wall where the button is located in each of side of the wall. Then, your hand would be more relax in operating mouse because you will not get any problems that can make your finger free from twisted forearm.

There are several kinds of features that you can get from this site, such as: there is 800dpi to 2600 dpi for the sensitivity and DPI settings of mouse so it is very suitable for game lover who need one kind of mouse with high sensitivity.



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  • Diety

    I’m not sure about this. Horizontal mouse works just as fine and I don’t think that suddenly turning everything upside down will feel better or more natural… It looks really cute tough!

  • mma gear

    This is one unique looking mouse, It seems like it might take some time to get used to, but it does make sense to use a vertical mouse… it is a more natural position for the arm.

  • Mickymar

    This mouse would sure be easier to use, as you dont really have to move your hand and use the scroller on top. Great Gadget!

  • Sclo

    Vertical mouse???? Sounds very strange…

  • Arc

    This looks pretty interesting I’ve come across plenty of ergonomic keyboards before, but not an ergonomic mouse. It looks like it will be great for people who get problems like carpal tunnel syndrome from resting their wrist on their desk when using a normal mouse.

  • Ed

    I’ve never seen an ergonomic mouse before. It’s pretty neat looking! Industrial Electrical

  • Paul C. Helder

    General background information:

    Professor Snijders as head of the department of Biomedical Physics and Technology of Erasmus MC, University Hospital Rotterdam and I studied the design of an ergonomic mouse. From this we concluded that gripping and pinching always go with activity of extensor muscles in the lower arm.
    We therefore looked into a design which discourages this by means of adapting the shape of the computer mouse. This has resulted in the computer mouse by Hippus. The body of this computer mouse provides support for the hand like a saddle.

  • Free Traffic Site

    Is that the latest. That mouse is too big for me.. Good post though!

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