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Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker

PinExt Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker

vibroy portable vibration speaker Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker

Music, one of best way we can use to relax. If you have portable music player, that’s great thing, because, now you can enjoy music anytime you want. But, if you want to share it with your friend, a simple headphone or earphone wouldn’t be enough. You need speakers, so, everyone in your room can listen to your music as well.  You might have speaker that you can use. Mostly, standard speaker has big size, which is difficult to carry around. But, this Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker is different.

What is Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker?

Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker is unique speaker that use any object around you as speaker. This gadget can put through the vibration that produced by your music player into object and make the object produce the sound from your music player. To use this gadget, so, it can make object around you become speaker; you just need to stick the magic sticker that this gadget has to any object that you want to change into speaker. And just that, you have the speaker that you need.

Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker Feature

Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker can be used to any 3.5mm headphone jack. It use 2 AAA batteries as power source, but, it also can use USB power. It has small size, so you can carry this gadget inside your pocket. In the package, you will get Vibroy Portable Vibration Speaker, 18 inch extension cable, USB power cable, wrist strap, and 2 extra magic stickers. There’re 4 color that you can choose, which is orange, black, purple and turquoise.

This gadget is priced at $29.99. It’s cheap for speaker that easy to carry. However, if you want to get surround and best sound from your speaker, this product wouldn’t be suitable with what you need. But, if you’re mobile person and need speaker that easy to carry, this gadget will be best choice.

Buy it from ThinkGeek for $29.99


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  • Amelia

    Is it a Nokia Lumia phone it’s plugged to?

  • Amelia

    Is it a Nokia Lumia phone it’s plugged to?

  • KVM Switches

    I would like to twist tiny electronics into more powerful
    versions of them self without relying on even more electronic devices. You
    would recognize Portable vibration speaker system turns everyday objects into
    speakers that the  high quality
    speakers offer great sounding music.

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