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Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

PinExt Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth virtual keyboard Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have the personality of having unique style and taste, you should check out the geeky products of gadget that will support your uncommon preference of choosing products. Search for the products of gadget and the other kinds with the designs that you and your friends have never seen before and feel the fun when you use them.

Here is a product that you would come to love. Have you ever heard about virtual keyboard that is identical with the futuristic advancement of technology with Bluetooth and laser? With this innovative keyboard you can feel the sense of future technology that has not been commonly used. It works by projecting the keyboard on a flat surface. This can also be keyboard for PDA, not only for PC; you can bring it everywhere as it is also compatible with cell phone with Bluetooth connectivity. The information about battery durability and charging term is available.

Geeky products don�t have to be boring and plain. This unique Bluetooth keyboard as well as products of apparels, toys, gadgets, electronic devices, and more will make you interested into technological development in a fun way.. Explore the catalog and fill your shopping cart with unique and different products that will amaze your friends.

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  • cohnsey

    How much is it? that thing rules!

  • Stephen

    These new and latest inventions in the field of mobile technology are really great. This new Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard is also one of these.

  • Sleep Disorder Treatment

    It’s really amazing and woderful keyboard, Everyone loves to have it. Technology has really gone a long way.

  • Cortinas

    That thing can’t possibly be accurate can it? Still, pretty nifty.

  • electric cars

    An excellent invention. And it saves desk space when you turn it off!

  • Aircard Information

    I love anything that makes traveling easier. You could use that and a 3G cell phone to do your work, at least emails and editing documents, from anywhere.

  • Vishnu

    Actually, have received lots of mail about this keyboard.. havent seen one in real.

    Last day received a mail of a keyboard and projector combination as well.. looks like a small tripod

  • Movie Poster

    That is really cool gadget! I really want to have one.

  • Vinay

    How well does it work?

  • bubba

    the keyboard is really cool!
    Has anybody already purchased it?
    Is it comfortable to work with such KB?

  • lg viwety


    This is next step in technology. neXt time bluetooth mouse would also in market. but it may happen that it would take lot time.


  • kerry

    This would be dope, but i’d have to imagine that just the general movement of your hands while typing would cause issues. Or am I totally out to lunch?

  • Jason

    This is so cool, my nephew would love a gift like that. My wife is getting roomba irobot vaccuum cleaner )

  • Advice from Strangers

    What kind of range can you get on it? My bluetooth keyboard /mouse combo still works around 30 feet away from the computer, but it starts to lag after 10 feet. Any idea on the quality of this one?

  • Cristina Kidman

    nice gadgets,

    never seen before,

    i will try it

  • Ariyes

    WOW these new inventions makes one really happy .lot of time can be saved by using it.nice to have it.thanks for sharing.

  • Sue Goretti

    I’ve seen one of my clients had this one. Pretty neat gadget.

  • Rosario Lambrakis

    I believe diferrent because my family use another product.It’s pleasant and save power.But next vacuum I am going to consider this to be vacuum that you just present.Thank!!!

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