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Want a Robot Mow Your Lawn?

PinExt Want a Robot Mow Your Lawn?

automover husqvarna Want a Robot Mow Your Lawn?

What will you do to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday weekend? Well, you must want to sitting in your lawn chair and drink an orange juice while you read your favorite book under the sunshine. Unfortunately, your wife keeps telling you that your lawn needs to be mowed. Should you do the mower job and leave that sunny privilege? How about doing both at the same time?

It is truly not a joke or magic! It could be possible with an avant garde gadget called automower. This gadget is automatic wireless machine mower produced by Huqsvarna. With its advance robotic technology, it will help you to cut all the grass autonomously. However, you need to staple a perimeter wire to keep sure that automower only cut selected area. Automower has large wheels and make it easier to run trough all shape of our lawn. Using its cutting edge blade technology, this device will cut regularly around the lawn and give carpet shape result. More interesting, the cutting is so fine that you dont need to collect the grass. It would decompose easily.

Forget the noisy mower machine, automower operate silently. It only produce less than 63 dB, even it wont disturb your reading enjoyment. This machine comes with charging station to keep it ready for any mower work, even under the rain. Its hybrid power allows this device to charge it selves using the solar panel. This is the reason that despite of its high price, this device is more efficient for your power expense. Well, now you can enjoy your sunny Saturday reading without any worry to mow the lawn. Automower did it for you.


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  • Amazing Things of the World

    Wow! This is a cool auto that I’ve seen… Who built this one? Its incredible! Ops, I’m a bit exaggerated, is this really a lawn mower?

  • Tourist Spots in the Philippine

    This is amazing, I’ve never seen such a mower design like this… I can display it in my house rather than use it! :)

  • Mike

    It’s a bit expensive for my budget, I prefer the SmartMow.

  • World’s Most Amazing Pictures

    I love this mow, I may include it in my collection of amazing pictures!

  • cmarquis

    I think I would love this. I have a remote vacuum cleaner and I love it. I suffer for allergies, so I think this would be great.

  • lawnbott

    The lawnbott is slightly cheaper and can cover bigger yards. We love our lawnbott.

  • earth city commercial lawn maintenance

    Technology is advancing and advancing. But I wonder if it can ever out beat the essence of human work. No doubt this technology sounds great. I still think it can only do so much before we all realized that a human presence is always the better solution.

  • Lawn Care Service Columbia MO

    Kind of a cool idea – but I really don’t think it’s going to put me out of business any time soon! Whew…

  • Chris Jalender

    Yes this little gadget is one fun toy. It is limited in terms of slopes and hills but an open area of lawn is fantastic to watch it mow and go.

  • Lawncare in Wyomissing



    If everyone has grass cutting robots where does that leave us poor landscapers?

  • Ed Barnsdale

    Sounds awesome. I could sit back and have a few drinks while watching my dog go crazy while this thing cuts my lawn. LOL

  • John Saparito

    I own a lawn care company on Saint Charles, MO and think this is pretty out of price range for most of my customers. I’m not too worried about this replacing me.


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