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Warm Slippers Gadget for Winter

PinExt Warm Slippers Gadget for Winter

japan warm slipper Warm Slippers Gadget for Winter

There are plenty people that is living in the cold weather condition and they need to protect their body from the existed weather in order to keep their heat and avoiding sickness. The colder part in their body even though they already used the warm cloth is that their feet, so that if there is a warmer slippers, they would gladly used it to heating their feet.

The new technology answers their request. The USB cordless Warm Slippers is being offered in the public market so that every people would be able to purchase it through the internet connection or even in the neighborhood stores. If you think that your office and home is quite cold too, you are able to purchase it either.

The operation of this device is very easy. All you need to do is just connect the USB cable to your computer, wait until the capacity is full, disconnected it and you are able to used the warm slippers everywhere until the light indicator is shows that you need to recharge it again. If you are living in the warmer location but you still feel that you need to war your feet, you are able to change the temperature from high to the low level.


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  • Jason @ Compulsive Hoarding Help

    Great idea!!! My wife would LOVE these–I affectionately call her a “heat freak”, especially where her feet are concerned. She always wants either some thick socks on, or big puffy slippers…as long as her feet can stay warm, she’s happy.

  • chumpman

    i brought a soft puffy slipper for my girl and she loved it! she would walk around the house with it during winter. I imagine putting a USB switch in that slipper and she would be wishing it is winter whole year! LOL

  • nero startsmart

    These seem like a good idea, there is nothing that I hate more than my feet being cold. It seems like if your feet are cold then everything on you is cold. Think it seems like a great idea. The only thing is do your feet get too hot because then you have another problem?

  • Listing Larry

    Blimey, they look really good too.
    I would unplug them and wear them all day.
    They look particularly suited to pushing around all of your posessions in a shopping trolley.

  • Nick

    I think my dad used to wear these. They were great for cold winter days when our wood floors just wouldn’t get warm. I live in Southeast Asia now so I don’t know if I could use them here (maybe if they had feet coolers!).

  • Mathew Bossert

    I’m definitely getting a pair of these for my wife, it’s about time they made some light-weight heated slippers.

  • Capiznon 2009

    Is a winner gadget in winter especially its very cold days. Nice slippers gadget very informative article..thank you

  • Alexandre

    Not a gadget for me… I hate warms feet. Still a good post anyway!

  • Anonymous

    So nice!!!! Cute!

  • Scrapbooking Ideas

    Whaaaat. You’re kidding me… are these things available in the US? Sounds like a pretty odd way of keeping your feet warm, but for those cold days at the office they might come in handy – if they weren’t so hideous-looking :-S

  • Guest

    Thats a great news for those living in extreely cold places. such inventions are going to be very useful for public in general.

  • The Film Wall

    Really cool slippers for winter. i think this is very useful for winter.i want to buy it…thanks to share it,,,

  • dea

    It is said that the more healthy you are the less you feel cold
    you could try products from this site

  • Howard Mcgraph

    Growing up in Germany I didn’t get the slipper, but I did actually feel my mom’s hand on my bottom a lot generally than I wished for. I use my ancient ballet slipper for spanking my daughter now, but then slippers in English schools must have een much a great deal sturdy and must have stung a fantastic a whole lot more.

  • Felecia Boeger

    I got the slipper at school twice, the RE teacher was a complete W****R, he would drop a box of chalk, employed for the blackboard in folks days, we necessary to scramble about the floor to pick it all up inside time he gave us, a slipper for the last in the direction of the desk, I was only little for my age, so often go pushed towards side, we had to lay across his knee, and this was are Religious Education teacher. Oh my how factors have changed!

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