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I am willing to bet that you had no idea you could run your furnace or boiler in your home off used motor oil. You may also be surprised to know that this technology has been around for a while. The ability to do this lies in a device called a waste oil burner and with these gadgets you can finally be free of at least one utility company.

Oil burners are found in pretty much every heating system. Most of them run on heating oil, electricity, or natural gas. The companies who provide those three commodities have the ability to raise their prices on a whim. Sure, its stated that they have to get approval from their state regulatory commission first but everyone knows those guys can easily be bought out. So when you upgrade your conventional oil burner into a waste oil burner than you are able to get off the heating grid.

As long as you maintain your investment, which includes filtering the oil and getting you system checked out every year, you have the ability to heat your entire house from used motor oil. And this material is all over the place. Every car, truck, bus, train, lawn mower, boat, generator, or heavy piece of construction equipment is lubricated with motor oil. And it has to eventually be changed because it wears out. So as long as you are creative, put in a little work, getting a decent supply of waste oil will not be a problem. Many people will be more than willing to give it away. I know when I used to change my own oil I used to have to pay the city dump five dollars to get rid of it and they would only take it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Think about how many people have several gallons of this stuff sitting around their garage.

If you live in a particularly cold place you really stand to save. Your monthly heating bills can easily reach $400 and it does not have to be even that cold to get there. Places like Michigan and Montana have five months of brutal winter and just one winter of having a waste oil burner can save a homeowner $2,000. And that is just in five months!

You can check out the Oil Burner Guide to find out more information about this wonderful alternative energy gadget. The initial set up can be expensive but the potential cost benefits can be great.

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  • David Willis

    Good article, I had not idea you could heat your home from waste oil. I wonder if you could use vegetable oil it as well. I am going to check.

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  • Jon

    What a great use for extra oil. Thanks for the article.

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