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Wii Being Pirated By Wee

PinExt Wii Being Pirated By Wee

wee minidvd player Wii Being Pirated By Wee

Although the Name has been changed, I don’t have any idea why the Company that produce Wee DVD Playerwould like to imitate Nintendo Wii Idea. Wee is The Name of China’s Mini DVD Player and not official, not like Whistle W11 the Mini Version of Wii that being licensed.

The Body is just like Nintendo Wii, Sleek white and Slim. But it’s placed vertically, unlike Wii. Another Difference: Wee cannot Play Wii’s Game!

Via FunPonsel

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  • freebie Wii

    Obviously they’re just trying to boost their sales by assotiating themselves with Nintendo and the Wii console even though the product is very different! Think I’ll stay clear of this one!

  • Ascencion black

    You have a point. Check out my website Free Nintendo Wii Games

  • julie

    i love nintendo, anyone who doesnt sucks

  • Wii Game Downloads

    Let me guess… it is of course made in China?! Crazy.

  • alex

    lol xD wow thats stupid…aniway, look wii can be placed verticalli i saw one at my boyfriend’s house ^^

  • free wii

    What a silly idea. They are abviously hoping the idea will sell, you never know!

  • Joe

    They can TRY to sell but they can`t compete with Nintendo Wii ever.Wii rules

  • Mark

    You can do it all once you unlock your Wii console. Here, you’ll get a firsthand look at several Wii unlocking software packages and find the one that will meet your needs. We tried, tested and reviewed a number of solutions to unlocking Wii and shortlisted the top 5.

  • Unlock a Wii

    I agree with freebie wii. However, it does look tempting.

    You never know, it may turn out to be a hit

  • Parthenia Tollerson

    I’ve had my Nintendo Wee for the past 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I had no idea that I would get such a workout. The boxing game that comes as part of “wii sport” really gets your heart rate racing , if you don’t enjoy making that trip to go workout , this is the next best thing. The funny thing is that I actually went to gamestop to buy a gamecube adapter and I ended up buying this Nintendo Wee instead.

  • Unlock Wii

    Just while I was reading the headline “Wii Being Pirated By Wee”, the first thought that came to my mind was, “China” :-)


    Scott from Unlock Wii

  • Club Penguin

    Should I wait for the new game consoles or should I just buy one now?

  • Twix Raider

    I saw this last year in several shops in Thailand. And I saw Russians buying it.

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