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Wind Turbine for Residential Use

PinExt Wind Turbine for Residential Use

Home Wind Turbines 300x116 Wind Turbine for Residential Use

The global warming is getting more serious as many companies ignoring pollution regulations. The earth is getting hotter and the sea water level is increasing. The global warming is able to be stopped or at least slowed down. Using renewable energy source is one way to reduce the speed to the global warming. The renewable energy source such as solar power, wind power, hydro power will make the earth better because those energy source don’t make any pollution to the earth.

The renewable energy has enormous benefits to reduce the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One way to use the renewable energy is by using the wind turbine for domestic use. The wind turbine has demonstrated huge benefits in producing environment friendly power generator. In fact, the wind power has been used to light many cities in the USA. However, the use of wind power for residential use hasn’t been feasible.

It caused by the turbine design that is usually too big for the neighborhood. The wind turbine also need higher place to get more wind to turn in high speed to produce more power. The experts are trying to solve the problem for the sake of greener earth. If you need info about the residential turbine and you want to apply it, just browse the internet.


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Wind Turbines for Residential Use


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  • Rjan Camoro-Mark Hervias

    Wind Energy are best coupled with solar energy. Alone they cannot provide enough energy without batteries. Government must take the initiative in bringing this technology to the masses. Materials in creating this energy must be tax free so that many can afford and use them in their homes. We have the responsibility to take care of mother nature.

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  • Anonymous

    I read somewhere solar flares were going to decrease. Think this will have a positive effect on global warming?

  • Solar Energy

    Ha! This is pretty awesome. I have always like the idea of using wind power. It is used a bunch in the EU. Germany is pretty advanced in this. Keep up the good work!

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