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Withings Smart Baby Monitor

PinExt Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Withings Smart Baby Monitor

It’s difficult to watch your baby every second, isn’t it? You don’t have thousand eyes that you can put on any place that you want. So, you can deal this problem with technology. Withings Smart Baby Monitor is one of gadget that can deal with your lack of eyes to watch your baby problem.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Feature

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor has simple shape. It’s like make up box that you can open. But, inside this box, you won’t find foundation or other make up stuff. You will find unique gadget where you can watch your baby through your Smartphone. Yes, that means you can watch your baby from any place. This gadget has pre-loaded application for your Smartphone, so, you can use it as the main control for this gadget. This gadget has not only the monitoring features that make it very useful for your everyday life. Still using your Smartphone, you also can control this gadget. Besides monitoring, your Smartphone also can be used to find out the environment condition of your baby room, such as humidity, temperature and even it has movement and sound sensor. It’s not like old baby watcher gadget where you can only monitor the sound in your baby room.  At night, you can turn on the lullaby song from this gadget and help your baby sleep. After that, you can turn off the lullaby via your Smartphone.

 Withings Smart Baby Monitor Price

With lot of feature that this gadget has, you must guess that this gadget will be expensive, don’t you? You’re correct. You can get Withings Smart Baby Monitor with $299. That’s quite expensive for gadget like this. However, this price is worthy, if you look at lot of benefits that this gadget can give to you. You don’t need to worry about how to monitoring your baby and your baby also can feel more comfortable with this gadget.



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  • Jennifer Anderson

    Finally a device that can help mothers at home.

  • Sexy Gift Ideas

    Thanks to this. It is very helpful.I m now going to buy this device

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